Nancy Jane McGee

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Born: 5 Jan 1828

Died: AFT 1830



John Alexander McGeeY-DNA
  +Caroline Hooper
        Rev. David Clendenon "Clendenon" McGeeY-DNA
        Mary Frances McGee
        Joseph Edward McGee
        John Alexander McGee, Jr.Y-DNA
        Martha "Mattie" Caroline McGee
Samuel McGee
Joseph England McGee
  +Elizabeth Jennings
        Lucy Jane McGee
        Jesse Clendenon "Clint" McGee
        Martha Ann McGee
        Mary Frances "Polly" McGee
        William Thomas McGee
        Lucinda McGee
        James Isham "Isham" McGee
        Florence McGee
        Sarah Dodson "Sadie" McGee
Mary Ann McGee
  +Robert B. Argo
Elizabeth McGee
Martin Van Buren McGee
  +Elizabeth Wiseman
        Ellen Virginia McGee
        Elza Thomas "Elzie" McGee
        Millie McGee
        Audley Edward "Ed" McGee
        Samuel Henderson McGee
        Georgia Ann McGee
James M. McGee
  +Rosanna "Annie" Cummings
        Mary F. McGee
        Elizabeth "Betty" McGee
        Anna Elizabeth "Betty" McGee
        William Thomas McGee
        Gabriel Emmett McGee
        James M. McGee
Martha C. McGee
  +James Lockhart McGee
        Samuel L. McGee
        William Calhoun "Billy" McGee
        Joseph McGee
        Irven Elbert McGee
Archibald C(lendenon) McGee
  +Louisa Bess
        Johney McGee
        Albert McGee
        Mary Jane McGee
        Andrew Jackson "Jack" McGee
        Martin V(anBuren) McGee
        Rolger McGee
        Lindsey C. McGee
        Chatham McGee
        Israel McGee
        Willie Eugenia McGee
        James Morgan McGee
William T. McGee

General Sources

  1. Thomas Jefferson Barnes Papers
    TSLA Mf #654, Reel #2 - McGee
    Died young
  2. My Limb on the Cox Tree
    Page 41 - The McGees
  3. David A. Hennessee
    Dodson,John Wesley "Wes";1882-1965. Esteemed historian for Warren County, Tennessee. Kept hand-written records in old notebooks. He proved records by tombstone inscriptions,family Bibles and interviews. p. 135


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