Esther Clendenon

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Born: 30 Jan 1769

Died: 24 Mar 1846
Warren Co., TN
McGee Cemetery, McGee Cove, Warren Co., TN



John McGeeY-DNA

Married: 23 Aug 1794
Jefferson County, TN


Jane McGee
  +James David Hennessee
Mary "Polly" McGee
Clendenon "Clint" McGeeY-DNA
  +Martha England
        John Alexander McGeeY-DNA
        Samuel McGee
        Nancy Jane McGee
        Joseph England McGee
        Mary Ann McGee
        Elizabeth McGee
        Martin Van Buren McGee
        James M. McGee
        Martha C. McGee
        Archibald C(lendenon) McGee
        William T. McGee
Sarah "Sally" McGee
  +Gabriel Bryant
John Alexander McGee
  +Martha Walker
        Sarah Jane McGee
        Esther E. McGee
        Nancy Irena McGee
        Mary Ann "Polly" McGee
        Manerva McGee
        Beersheba McGee
        James Walker McGee
        Martha McGee
        John Clendenon McGee
        Jeremiah Levander "Levander" McGee
Richard McGee
Samuel McGeeY-DNA
  +Minerva Hammons
        James Lockhart McGee
        Mary Ann McGee
        William C. McGee
        Thomas C. McGee
        Sarah Fern "Sally" McGee
        John Alexander McGee
        Archibald Gentry "Gentry" McGee
        Samuel Crawford "Crawford" McGeeY-DNA
        Richard L. McGee
        Martha "Mattie" McGee
        Esther McGee
Elizabeth McGee
James L. McGee
  +Martha R. Ross
        Samuel McGee
        Clendenon McGee
        John Thomas McGee
        Eudora McGee
        Josephine McGee

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    Marriage Certificate - John McGee and Esther Clendenon

    Know all men by these presents that we John McGee and Robert W. Farland (sic) are held and firm by bound unto Governor Blount and his successors in Office in the sum five hundred Dollars to be voice on Condition these be lawful objection why John McGee and Esther Clendenon should not be joined together as husband and wife. Witness our hands and seals this 23 day of August A.D. 1794.
    John McGee [seal]
    R. McFarland [seal]    Teste: J.Hamilton

    Source: WCGA Bulletin 2004, Vol XIII Nos. 1-2, Spring and Summer


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