Elizabeth Wood

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Born: 20 Aug 1759

Died: 1 Jan 1835
Hancock Co., MS



Jesse MegeheY-DNA
f: Nathan MageheY-DNA
   gf: James McGeheeY-DNA
   gm: Rebecca Prewitt
m: Nelley Lynch

Married: 8 Nov 1796
Granville, NC


Daniel McGeheeY-DNA
  +Appa Jane Powell
        John Porter McGehee
        James Powell McGehee
        Hannah Jane McGehee
        Daniel Livingston McGehee
        Mary Elizabeth McGehee
        Jesse Pinkney McGehee
        Lucy Louisa McGehee
        Matthew Merideth McGehee
        Ira Benton McGehee
        Appa Matilda McGehee
        George Willery McGehee
        Emelia Adarine McGehee
Polly Lynch McGehee
  +Hiram Smith
James Wood MegeheeY-DNA
  +Rebecca Perry
        Elizabeth Megehee
        James MegeheeY-DNA
        Mary Megehee
        Ruth Megehee
        Wood Megehee
        Rebecca Megehee
        John Leonard Megehee
        Samuel Megehee
        Daniel Ira Megehee

General Sources

  1. Eleanor Colson
    Eleanor Colson maintains an extensive McGehee Family website at


    and WorldConnect database at:

    All of Benjamin and Lucy's children were born in North Carolina

  2. Correspondence
    Email communication from Dan Megehee on March 24, 2006


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