Rebecca Perry

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Born: 2 Jan 1812
Pool's Bluff, LA

Died: 28 Dec 1881
Hancock Co., MS



James Wood MegeheeY-DNA
f: Jesse MegeheY-DNA
   gf: Nathan MageheY-DNA
   gm: Nelley Lynch
m: Elizabeth Wood

Married: 11 Mar 1827
Hancock Co., MS


Elizabeth Megehee
  +John Pulliam
James MegeheeY-DNA
  +Eliza Stewart
        William Turner "Turner" Megehee
        James Labron Megehee
        Mary Rebecca Megehee
        Elizabeth Magnolia Megehee
        Jacob Ashbon Megehee
        Samuel Wood Megehee
        Eliza Ann Megehee
        Alfred Pinkney MegeheeY-DNA
        Daniel Butler Megehee
        Nancy Lenora Megehee
        George Leonard Megehee
        Many Viola Megehee
Mary Megehee
  +John H. Sims
Ruth Megehee
  +Joseph Wise
Wood Megehee
  +Lydia Marson
        Elvira Elizabeth "Dolly" Megehee
        Lydia Rebecca "Becky" Megehee
        John James Megehee
        Clara Estelle "Stella" Megehee
        Ella Ruth Megehee
        Nelly Jane Megehee
        Jesse Wood Megehee
Rebecca Megehee
John Leonard Megehee
Samuel Megehee
  +Mary Eleanor Wise
        Mary Magnolia Megehee
        Rebecca Caroline Megehee
        Samuel Megehee
        Milton Megehee
        Ira Megehee
        Joseph Megehee
Daniel Ira Megehee

General Sources

  1. Eleanor Colson
    Eleanor Colson maintains an extensive McGehee Family website at

    and WorldConnect database at:

    All of Benjamin and Lucy's children were born in North Carolina

  2. Dan Megehee
    Email communication on December 15, 2006. "Descendants of William Mackgahye"


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