Matthew Merideth McGehee

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Born: 23 Aug 1840
Washington Parish, LA



Daniel McGeheeY-DNA
f: Jesse MegeheY-DNA
   gf: Nathan MageheY-DNA
   gm: Nelley Lynch
m: Elizabeth Wood

Appa Jane Powell


John Porter McGehee
  +Sarah Adeline Penny
        Celeste Armilda McGehee
        Eliza Jane McGehee
        John Madison Powell McGehee
James Powell McGehee
  +Nancy Malinda Stanford
        Mary Elizabeth McGehee
        James Ira McGehee
        Henry Thomas McGehee
        Effie Delila McGehee
        John Slocum McGehee
        Emma Elenor McGehee
        Edward Marion McGehee
        William George McGehee
        Leslie Lee McGehee
        Cora Virginia McGehee
        Jasper Moore McGehee
        Asa Adolph McGehee
Hannah Jane McGehee
  +Stephen Mizell
Daniel Livingston McGehee
  +Martha Susan Hutchinson
        Simpson Henry McGehee
        Susan McGehee
        Mary Elizabeth McGehee
        Martha Catherine McGehee
Mary Elizabeth McGehee
  +John M. Powell
Jesse Pinkney McGehee
  +Eliza Charlotte Adams
        Mary Elizabeth McGehee
        William Fomento McGehee
        Emma E. McGehee
        Jesse Monroe McGehee
        Maritine McGehee
        John Wayne McGehee
Lucy Louisa McGehee
  +Thomas James Adams
Ira Benton McGehee
  +Sarah Ann Talley
        Ellie Meredith McGehee
        Ione Isabel McGehee
        Archie Pinkney McGehee
        Emily Irene McGehee
Appa Matilda McGehee
  +John Talley
George Willery McGehee
  +Celia Olivia Bankston
        Georgie Elise McGehee
        Gladys Olivia McGehee
        Aubrey Leon McGehee
Emelia Adarine McGehee
  +Jacob Isaac Talley


General Sources

  1. Eleanor Colson
    Eleanor Colson maintains an extensive McGehee Family website at

    and WorldConnect database at:

    All of Benjamin and Lucy's children were born in North Carolina


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