Vada Avo "Avo" McGee

vada avo avo mcgee

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Born: 14 Mar 1884

Died: 11 May 1975
Prue, OK
Prue, OK



Photo Archive

Talitha Clementine Tine Jones
Mary Zelmona Mona McGee
William Will Adrain Fredrick McGee
Rev. David Clendenon Clendenon McGee
John Eddington McGee
Reathy Rebecca McGee
Vada Avo Avo McGee
David Clendenon and Tine McGee Family

General Sources

  1. Norman T. McGee
  2. Mary McGee's Great Bible
  3. My Limb on the Cox Tree
    Page 40, 45 - The McGees
  4. Arkansas Marriages
    Baxter County, Arkansas Marriage Records
    LDS Film #1031147 Item #2
    Page 301
    Robert Trivett signed as security
    Alonzo Clingings of Pigeon Twp, age 23
    Miss Avo McGee of Pigeon Twp, age 18
  5. Margie Garr
    Hatch Match & Dispatch, Vol. 9, transcribed from "The Baxter Bulletin"

    December 23, 1948, page 67, Mrs. Mat [Martha Francis] Cox died Thursday and was buried at Quality Ridge Cemetery. She is survived by a sistor, Mrs. Avo Clingings of Barnstall, OK, a brother, Jim White of Cardwell, MO, four daughters: Mrs. Sadie Dover, Mrs. Marjorie Thacker, Mrs. Mattie Jones, Mrs. Minnie Russell, and four suns, Norman Cox, Harp Cox, Ervin Cox, and Paul Cox. [Mrs. Cox's given names from Card of Thanks]


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