Richard McGee

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Born: 18 Sep 1774
Rockbridge Co., VA

Died: 1865
Gibson Co., TN
Buried: 1865



Richard McGee
f: Archibald McGee
m: Ellen Lowe

Gertrude Calloway



Elizabeth Gentry

Married: ABT 1803


Calloway Lowe McGee
  +Linna unknown
James Gentry McGee
  +Marian A. Ford
        Gentry R. McGee
        Emily J. McGee
        William O. McGee
        Mattie McGee
William Carroll McGee
  +Mary G. unknown
Richard Bartley McGee
  +Eliza Eleanor Scrape
        Ann McGee
        Charles McGee
        Emma McGee
        Willis McGee
        Carrie Belle McGee
John Preston McGee
  +Jennie C. Elder
        Howard McGee
        Babington McGee
        Geniveve McGee
        Camille McGee
Martha Courtney McGee
  +Daniel E. Jetton

General Sources

  1. Norman T. McGee
    Richard McGee entered 200 A. of land in Warren Co. TN, before 1810. He sold this land and moved 1st to Giles Co., TN. He is in the 1850 Henry Co., TN Census. He is connected and kin to our Rev. War John and Samuel McGee. Samuel moved to KY.
  2. Genealogy Books
    Page 295-296

    The Millers of Millersburg
    And their Descendants

    With Kindred Families of Miller, McGee, Jameson, Read, Scott, Wyatt
    Donnelly, White, Washington, Blackwell, Smith, Mayfield,
    Johnson, Kuykendall, Beene, Sadler, Clark,
    Woodfin, Whiteside, and Myers.

    Compiled for Gustavus Hindman Miller of Chattanooga,
    by John Bailey Nicklin, Jr., Member
    Kentucky, Maryland, and National
    Historical Societies


    Copy of Letter from G.R. McGee, of Jackson, Tennessee, to J.B. Nicklin, Jr. dated June 19, 1922

    My Grandfather's grandfather, Archibald McGee, was born in Perthshire, Scotland, date unknown. He went to Ireland in his youth, married Ellen Lowe, established himself as a farmer near Belfast, and raised flax and sheep. This is all I know of him. His son, Richard McGee, came to America about the year 1750, married Gertrude Calloway, and settled as a farmer in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He reared a family of five sons and three daughers, who scattered to the states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois. My grandfather, Richard McGee, Jr., was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, September 18, 1774, came to Giles County, Tennessee, in 1794; married Elizabeth Gentry, entered a farm on Richland Creek, and there reared his family of five sons and one daughter. My father was the second son, and was born July 4, 1808, graduated from the medical school of Tulane University in 1836, established himself at Ebenezer, Mississippi, and there practiced medicine until his death, in 1850. He and my mother, Marian Ford, daughter of Judge Rufus Ford, of the Probate Court of South Mississippi, were married in June, 1838, and I, their oldest child, was born September 17, 1839 or 1840. The records differ. I had two sisters and one brother. My older sister died at ten years of age. My brother was killed in battle at Colliersville, Tennessee. He was a soldier of the Confederate Army and so was I. My younger sister, Mattie McGee, married Joseph Wade of Gibson County, Tennessee. By that marriage she had one son, Gentry W. Wade, now living in Yakima, Washington. Her second marriage was to Abner W. Reaon, of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where she died two years ago, aged seventy-five years. By her last marriage she had three daughters, whose names since their marriages I do not know. I have one daughter, Mrs. George H. Brandau, of Jackson, Tennessee.

    Of my grandfather's family (besides my father), Calloway Lowe McGee, died without children; so did the third son, William Carroll McGee. The fourth son, Richard Bartley McGee, had two sons and three daughters, all now dead except one daughter, Carrie Belle McGee of Jackson, Tennessee. The fifth son, John Preston McGee, M.D., Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, had two sons and two daughers, all now dead except one daughter, Mrs. Camille Kelly, of Memphis, Tennessee, now judge of the Juvenile Court of that city. Grandfather's one daugher, Martha Courtney McGee, married Daniel E. Jetton, of Trenton, Tennessee; had two sons andone daughter. Both sons are dead and the daughter, Mamie Jetton is living in Trenton.
  3. 1860 Census
    1860 Census - Gibson County, TN
    |h# |f# |name           |ag|s|occu  |re   |pe   |birt|s|twp   |page|Date
    |780|791|W.C. McGee     |45|m|Farmer|20000|15000|Tenn|2|Dist-6|253b|1860
    |   |   |Ellen S. McGee |4 |f|      |     |     |Tenn| |      |    |
    |   |   |Martha E. McGee|10|f|      |     |2000 |Miss| |      |    |
    |   |   |W.C. McGee, Jr.|12|m|      |     |     |Miss| |      |    |
    |   |   |R. McGee       |85|m|      |     |     |VA  | |      |    |
    |   |   |Martha C. McGee|20|f|      |     |     |Tenn| |      |    |
    Martha E. McGee and W. C. McGee, Jr. are listed as minors
  4. 1850 Census
    1850 Census - Henry County, Tennessee - November 28, 1850
    |h#|f#|name         |ag|s|occu   |re |birt|m|s|twp         |pg
    |74|75|Richard McGee|75|m|Farmer |800|VA  | | |6th district|285b
    |  |  |Martha McGee |20|f|       |   |Tenn| | |            |
    |  |  |William McGee|30|m|Teacher|   |Tenn|1| |            |
    |  |  |Mary G. McGee|16|f|       |   |Tenn|1| |            |
    |  |  |John P. McGee|17|m|none   |   |Tenn| |1|            |


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