Hezekiah Magee

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Born: 12 Oct 1796

Died: 30 Dec 1870
Washington Parish, LA
Hezekiah Magee Cemetery, Washington Parish, LA



John MageeY-DNA
  +Sarah Louise Magee
        Jacob Magee
        Sarah Jane Magee
        Mary Polly Magee
        Elizabeth Magee
        John MageeY-DNA
        George Magee
        Dorcas Magee
        Rebecca Magee
        Fleet Magee
        Hon. William W. Magee III
        Celia Magee
Mary "Polly" Magee
Benjamin Magee
Dorcas Magee
Jeremiah MageeY-DNA
  +Levennia "Linny" Davis
        Eldridge Donies MageeY-DNA
        Salena Magee
        Zaborn Davis Magee
        Dr. Hosea Lafayette Magee DDS
Zachariah Magee
William Magee V

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