Julia Catherine Reeder

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Born: 1859
Shelby County, Indiana

Died: 1893
unmarked grave, Vermilion, Illinois

Family #1


William Hesse McGeeY-DNA
f: William Calhoun McGeeY-DNA
   gf: Samuel McGeeY-DNA
   gm: Anna Gentry
m: Rebecca Hessey

Married: 8 May 1878
Danville, IL


Stella E. McGee
William F. McGeeY-DNA
Hattie McGee
George McGee

Family #2

Married: 8 May 1878
Danville, IL

General Sources

  1. Witnesses at her wedding were Francis H. Clem and Lizzie Reeder. The wedding was performed by R. W Hanford, Vermillion County Judge.

    The marraige register indicates that Catherine Oreators was the brides mother.

    From Warren County Ohio Documents:
    Chair Making--Richard Bornen's factory was opposite Wood & Boyd's woolen factory, and he kept on hand an assortment of chairs. George Cretors carried on chair making at the same time. In 1839 there were still two chair-making shops.

    On the south side of the market-house was the chair factory of Ezekiel Cretors, father of George and John Cretors

    Andrew Cretors wanted good country produce in exchange for his Windsor chairs and settees

    or 1861
  2. William McGee
    Email communication from William McGee on December 12, 2006. McGeeGedcom.ged


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