Catherine Nash

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General Sources

  1. Correspondence
    Email communication from Barbara McGee McGrew on February 21, 2006

    Patrick J. McGee died l903 at the age of 73. He was living at 529 W. Fourth St. In Dayton. In the obit it says he came to this country from Dublin 52 years ago. He was survived by my great grandmother Catherine Nash, Mrs. A.J. Unger, Mrs. JJ Keyes, Miss lucy McGee, JC.McGee, John McGee and Thomas F. McGee. He was buried at the Calvary Cemetery in Dayton.
  2. 1880 Census
    1880 Census - Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio
    |name           |s|Ag|rel     |s|m|occu                 |birth         |Father |mother  
    |Patrick McGee  |m|49|Self    | |m|Works at Rolling Mill|Ireland       |Ireland|Ireland 
    |Catherine McGee|w|34|wife    | |m|Keeps Salon          |Scotland      |Ireland|Ireland 
    |Ann McGee      |w|14|daughter|s| |                     |England       |Ireland|Scotland
    |Catherine McGee|w|12|daughter|s| |                     |England       |Ireland|Scotland
    |Thomas McGee   |m|9 |son     |s| |At School            |England       |Ireland|Scotland
    |Alice McGee    |f|7 |daughter|s| |At School            |Atlantic Ocean|Ireland|Scotland
    |Clara McGee    |f|5 |daughter|s| |                     |PA            |Ireland|Scotland


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