William McGehee Revolutionar War Pension File (15 of 36)


William McGehee pension file from NARA Microfilm M804-1683, S32.399

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(unreadable) of thirty dollars per annum, was a resident of the County and 
State aforesaid and died in the County and State aforesaid, in the year one 
thousand eight hundred and thirty six,  in the      day of May; that he 
left a widow known as Direna McGehe.

In testimony whereof, I  (unreadable) my name and affix the official seal 
of the said county (unreadable) this 11th day of October one thousand eight 
hundred and forty one.


Moses (unreadable...may be James) of the County seat of Jackson County in 
the State of Alabama.

At the bottom it says  Final Payment Voucher Received from GAO

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Collection: Revolutionar War - M804-1683 - S32.399


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