William McGehee Revolutionar War Pension File (13 of 36)


William McGehee pension file from NARA Microfilm M804-1683, S32.399

State of Alabama
Jackson County

Be it known that before me, (James?) Fowler a Justice of the Peace in and 
for the County aforesaid, this day personally appeared Direna McGehe and 
made oath in (said?) forms of law that she is the widow of William McGehe, 
the identical person who was a pensioner and is now decd, and to whom a 
certificate of pension was expired of which the following is a true copy.

                                   War Department
                                    Revolutionary Claims
I certify that in conformity with the law of the United States of the 7th 
June 1832, William McGehe of the state of Alabama, who was a private during 
the Revolutionary War is entitled to receive thirty dollars per annum during 
his natural life commencing on the
4th of March 1831 and payable semi-annually on the 4th of March and 4th of 
September in every year.

            Given at the War Office of the United States  this 4th day of 
January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty four.
    L(?) Cass?
    Secretary of War

Examined and countersigned
J/I? L. Edwards
Commissioner of Pensions

that the deceased pensioner resided in Jackson County aforesaid for the 
space of about Eleven years before his death and that the pensioner 
(states?) he resided in the state of Tennessee (?)  (?) (?) before.

on the 5th Day of October 1841
Test.        F. Fowler, J. P.
                J.  ? 
            Direna  X McGehe
    David/Daniel? X McGhee
        Thos  X Reed

State of Alabama
Jackson County

I,  F. Fowler a magistrate in the County aforesaid do hereby certify that I 
have the most satisfactory assurance (?) from (?) the affidavit of 
David/Daniel? McGhee and Thomas Reed who in (?) stable citizens of said 
County and to me personally known that Dorina McGehe who has this day 
appeared before me to take an oath that she is the widow of William McGehe, 
deceased, (?) Revolutionary Pensioner is the widow of this identical person 
named in the pension Certificate which she has (?) before me numbered 25.778 
and having (?) at the War Office this 4th day of January one Thousand eight 
hundred and thirty four and signed by L.? Cass?, Secretary of War

Given under my hand on this fifth day of October eighteen hundred and forty 
                F. Fowler, J. P.

I (blank)  clerk of the County court of Jackson County in the State of 
Alabama certify that (Furman?) Fowler is a magistrate as aforesaid and that 
the foregoing signatures are purporting to be his are genuine. In Testimony 
(thereof?) I (hereto?) subscribe my name and affix my official 
seal as officer in the Town of Bellefonte, this 11th day of October in the 
year one thousand eight hundred and forty one.

                        Moses Jones
                        Clerk of the County Court of Jackson County, Ala.
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