Samuel Mackgehee

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Born: ABT 1697
Hanover Co., VA



William MackgeheeY-DNA
f: William MackGahyeY-DNA
m: unknown

Mary Johnson


James McGeheeY-DNA
  +Rebecca Prewitt
        Benjamin McGeheeY-DNA
        John Mackgehee
        Holden Mackgehee
        William McGehee
        James McGehee
        Thomas Mackgehee
        Joseph McGehee
        Nathan MageheY-DNA
        Josiah Mackgehee
Catherine Mackgehee
  +Thomas Butts
William MackgeheeY-DNA
  +Elizabeth McCullough
        Thomas McGeheeY-DNA


General Sources

  1. Eleanor Colson
    Eleanor Colson maintains an extensive McGehee Family website at

    and WorldConnect database at:

    "Birthright Quaker" 1731-32 Samuel appears in same precinct as William McGehee, the Quaker. He shows up in same processing precincts as William McGehee the Quaker in St. Paul's records in 1735, 1739, and 1743

  2. Correspondence
    Email communication from Mary Ellen Orem on October 27, 2005

    Information is from Quaker records in Virginia.
  3. Correspondence
    Email communication from Dan Megehee on September 14, 2006

    The second son, William, was a Quaker (member of the Society of Friends). From the 1704 Tax Rolls of VA, we know that he was a land owner by 1696, also that he had to be “investigated” by a committee of Quakers to determine if he was able to support a wife, among other things, so he must have been born no later than about 1675, but probably earlier. The only 2 children we can prove are his older son, James McGehee, who was born about 1695, and married in the Quaker Monthly Meeting, and younger son Samuel, who was born about 1697, and also married in the Quaker Monthly Meeting. We assume that the Catherine McGehee, who married Thomas Butts in 1713, was also William’s child – there was no one else who could have been. Since she married outside the Quakers, there should have been a “disowned” reference to her, but there are no surviving Quaker Monthly Meeting records that survive from 1713.
  4. Correspondence
    Email communication from Dan Megehee on September 14, 2006

    Samuel had: Samuel, Hulda, Robert, Elizabeth, Sarah, Lydia, Ann, Martha, and John. Catherine had: Peter, John, Frances, Sarah and Daniel.


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