Roger Magee

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Henry Magee



John Magee
  + unknown
        Patrick MageeY-DNA
        Henry Magee


General Sources

  1. Correspondence
    Email communication from Joshua Magee on May 11, 2008

    From another McGee Researcher:

    'My info on this line of Magees started with a record on the Descendants of John and Rosannah Swaney that compiled by George Beckett for a Swaney Family Reunion of 1982. There is a small entry on this line of Magees that reads "The Magee Family" "Our earliest known ancestor is Henry Magee. He had two sons who came to the United States, Roger and John. Roger Magee, accompanied by his son, John, came in 1790 and settled in North Cumberland County, Pennsylvania near the present location of Sunbury. In 1795, Roger's brother, John, and his two sons, Henry and Patrick, also came to North Cumberland County. At the time they arrived Henry was not married, however, Patrick was married and he brought his wife and three children with him.


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