James W. McGhee

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Born: 28 Apr 1882
Eminence, KY

Died: 16 Aug 1968
San Bernardino, CA



Nicholas Bois McGhee
f: James McGhee
   gf: David McGheeY-DNA
   gm: Rachel Hall
m: Eliza J. Miller

Amelia Jones


General Sources

  1. William E. McGhee
    Legacy Family Tree file "Mcghee 2 ged.fdb" provided on April 8, 2006
    Birth Sources
  2. Social Security Death Index
    Death Sources
  3. Social Security Death Index
  4. William E. McGhee
    California Death Index 1940-1997
    Author: State of California Publication: rootsweb.com/Ancestry.com, 2000. Provo, Utah Original electronic data: State of California, California Death Index 1940-


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