Janet "Jane" McGee

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Born: ABT 1780
Lincoln Co., KY

Monroe, Co., MO



James McGee
  +Mary Ann "Polly" Wilson
        John S. McGee
        James L. McGee
        William H. McGee
        Margaret McGee
Mary "Polly" McGee
  +Andrew Woods
        Andrew Woods
        Archibald Woods
        James Woods
        John Woods
        William Woods
        David J. Woods
        Daniel Woods
        Martha Woods
        Mary Woods
John McGee
  +Mary Bigham
        Robert S. McGee
        Jane McGee
        David McGee
        James McGee
        John McGee
        Cynthia A. McGee
  +Jane Curry
        Elizabeth J. McGee
        Josiah Jackson McGee
        Hugh J. McGee
        Prudence McGee
        Eliza McGee
Joseph McGee
  +Nancy Lyon
        Thely McGee
        David McGee
        Harvey McGee
        John Jackson McGee
        James McGee
Prudence McGee
  +James Smith
        Mary Smith
        James H. M. Smith
        Ephraim Smith
        George W. Smith
        John Smith
        Margaret Smith
        Hugh Smith
        Prudence M. Smith
Margaret "Peggy" McGee
  +Robert Simpson
Anne McGee
  +Hugh Smith
        Mary D. Smith
        Margaret J. Smith
        Ann Eliza Smith
        Prudence Smith
        James Harvey Smith
        Nancy H. Smith
William McGee
  +Jane Bigham
        John H. McGee
        William C. McGee
        David McGee
        James R. McGee
  +Sally Voris
        Isaac M. McGee
        Joseph McGee
        Elizabeth McGee
        Mary F. McGee
Col. David McGee
  +Sally A. Duncan



Robert McGeeY-DNA
f: James McGeeY-DNA
   gf: McGeeY-DNA
   gm: unknown
m: Molly unknown

Married: 28 Feb 1797
Mercer Co., KY


Robert H. McGeeY-DNA
  +Prudence Smith
        John Carson McGeeY-DNA
David McGeeY-DNA
  +Martha unknown
        Mary McGee
        Dianah McGee
        Elizabeth McGee
        David W. McGee
        Robert McGeeY-DNA
        Rachael McGee
        Thomas McGee
        John McGee
        William McGee
        James McGee
        Martha Ann McGee
Prudence McGee
  +David Wooldridge
Mary "Polly" McGee
  +George W. Hill
Elizabeth "Betsy" McGee
  +Abraham Kirkland
Margaret W. "Peggy" McGee
  +Jacob Kirkland
Rachael McGee
  +John Strain
James J. McGee
  +Christiana Duley
Harvey McGee
  +Mary Jane Middleton

General Sources

  1. Mike McGee
    Email correspondence of May 4, 2004
  2. Kentucky Records
    Harrodsburg Herald, March 12, 1973
    Genealogical Committee,
    Harrodsburg Historical Society
    from LDS Film #132167
    "John McGee Came To Kentucky in 1775


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