John Magee

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Born: 1766

Died: 1843
Butler Co., PA
Wolf Creek Cemetery, Butler Co., PA



Patrick MageeY-DNA

Jane Hall


Nancy Magee
  + Bickerstaff
Mary Magee
  + Murphy
James Magee
George Magee
  +Nancy "Agnes" Appleby
        Jane Magee
        John Magee
        Mary Ann Magee
        Margaret Magee
        Agnes Magee
        George Magee
        Catherine Magee
        Nichola "Nickley" Magee
Nickley Magee
Adam Magee
  +Martha "Mattie" Appleby
        Catherine A. Magee
        Alexander Magee
        William D. Magee
        John Magee
        George Magee
        James Martin Magee
        Agnes Magee
Alexander Magee
  +Jane Morrow
        Robert Alexander Magee
Patrick Joseph Magee
  +Nancy Jane Fegan
        John Magee
        Mary J. Magee
        James Magee
        George Washington Magee
  +Nancy unknown
        Nancy Syble Magee
        Adam Alexander Magee
  +Anne Elizabeth Vogan
        John A. Magee
        Samuel P. Magee
        David Freemont Magee
        Elmira Jane Magee
        Lenora Anne Magee
William Magee

Family #1

General Sources

  1. The Magee Family, A History of the Family in America
    Page 12

    "John Magee, as well as his father, was a veteran of the American Revolution and his grave is marked with a stone stating that fact. (Wolf Creek Cemetery, Butler CO., PA)"


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