Mary Terell Chiles

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Born: 1741



Joseph McGehee
f: James McGeheeY-DNA
   gf: William MackgeheeY-DNA
   gm: Mary Johnson
m: Rebecca Prewitt

Married: 14 Aug 1756
Quaker Meeting House, Hanover Co., VA


Henry McGehee
  +Nancy Norvel
Judith McGehee
  +Benjamin Hutchins
John McGehee
Joseph McGehee
  +Ann Merriwether
Francis McGehee
  +Martha Marks

General Sources

  1. Eleanor Colson
    Eleanor Colson maintains an extensive McGehee Family website at

    and WorldConnect database at:

  2. Dan Megehee
    Email communication on December 15, 2006. "Descendants of William Mackgahye"


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