Mary Cook

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David S. McGee
f: David S. McGeeY-DNA
   gf: Ralph McGeeY-DNA
   gm: Ann Clanton
m: Jane Amelia

Married: 23 Mar 1793
Wilkes Co., NC


Jesse McGee
James McGee
John McGee
  +Frances C. Day
        William C. McGee
Ralph McGee
  +Lydia Cude
        Mary McGee
        William McGee
        Elander McGee
        Drusilla McGee
        Absolom McGee
        James McGee
        Martha McGee
        Elizabeth McGee
        Dorcas McGee
        Samuel H. McGee
        Sarah Ann McGee
William "Wiley" McGee
  +Nancy M. Jones
        Louisa McGee
        Manerva Harriett McGee
        Cynthia Rena McGee
        Joshua McGee
        William Wiley McGee
        William Henderson McGee
        John McGee
        Queen Elizabeth McGee
        Daniel McGee
  +Sara Cotton
Joseph McGee
  +Mary "Polly" Powers
        Easter McGee
        John McGee
        Daniel McGee
        Samuel T. McGee
        Seporah McGee
        Martha Ann McGee
        James McGee
        Amanda McGee
        Mary McGee
        Elijah McGee
        Sarah McGee
        Joshua McGee
Easter McGee
  +Solomon Webb
Drury McGee
  +Edney Sparks
Bersheba McGee
  +Gabriel Clements
Soloman McGee
  +Geretta Finch
        Sara Ann McGee
        Mary Jane McGee
        Benjamin F. McGee
        Newton Ashley McGee
        Samantha Adaline McGee
        Margaret Isabel McGee
        Lavinia Alabama McGee
        Anacona McGee
Anthony McGee
  +Carolina Smith
Samson McGee
  +Mary "Polly" Finch
        David McGee
        James McGee
        William McGee
        Newton M. McGee
        Julia McGee
        Fannie McGee
        Elizabeth McGee
Elizabeth McGee
  +James E. Cooper
Esther Hettie McGee
  +Solomon Webb
Josh McGee

General Sources

  1. Millers of Millersburg
    Page 59:

    By Dr. Julius B. Cooper of Birmingham Alabama

    David McGee was born in Scotland, July 25, 1763. He emigrated to the United States a short time before the Revolutionary War and is supposed to have settled in Virginia, later moving to South Carolina. In 1787 he married Mary Cook, whose birth, birthplace, death, time and place of decease are unknown to the writer. He was a solider in the colonial forces during the War of the Revolution, and rose to the rank of sergeant.

    Records are not very clear, but aftr the Revolutionary War, he must have gone to Tennessee, as the family history relates that he came from Tennessee, and settled in that section of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, known as "North River," in 1819, and died at the latter place in 1857.


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