These Excel tools have been superceded by the javascript based tools in the
Y-DNA Comparison Utility



Excel Macros for DNA Tables - Instructions

  1. Load Excel file (Save this file to disk, then open after saving so it doesn't open in your web browser)

    Enable Macros prompt box may appear. Select "Enable Macros"

    The initial table should look like this:

  2. Select the area for which you want to compare DNA values.
  3. Select the Macro menu to display the available macros.
  4. Select the macro to use for identifying the reference DNA values.

  5. The table highlighting DNA differences should look like this

  6. If you want to write the table to a file then
    Select the area that you want to convert to an HTML table.
  7. Select the Macro menu, as described above
  8. Select the "WriteHtmlTable" macro.
    will appear. Select OK.

  9. From "My Computer" on your desktop, open the "C:" drive and double click on "DNA_Table.html"
  10. Your browser should look like this:


Dean McGee

Page last updated on February 1, 2004