McGee Families of the American Revolution
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Name Source Detail DNA?
Continental Line
Patrick McGee (Magee) M804.1683 W.9184 b 1761; enlisted 1778; d 1820 Lysander, NY; m 1814 Zadia Williams b 1780; 1856 Zadia lived Oswego Co., NY; also BLWt 40003; no
Patrick McGee M804.1683 BLWt 13418 d bef 1792; Private in Hazen's Regiment; BLWt issued 1792 to Sarah McGee, admx no
James McGee (Magee) M804.1683 W.2954 b 1734; m 1781 Margaret McCracken b 1762; d 1823 Warren Co., PA; enlisted 1777 in Wilmington DE; in 1804 moved from Mifflin Co. PA to Warren Co. PA.; son Samuel b 1784 no
James McGee M804.1683 BLWt 10840 issued April 7, 1792 no
Levin McGee M804.1683 BLWt 2130 entered service in 1779; d bef 1835 leaving no widow, children, father or mother; reputed heirs: William McGee, John McGee, Thomas McGee; Thoroughgood Brittanham; Ann Brittanham; Elizabeth Brittanham; Abigale West; William McGee (son of Jesiah); Thomas McGee; Archibald McGee; Joseph Bonsell no
Thomas McGee M804.1683 S.4194 b Randolph Co., NC 1749; living in Pittsylvania Co., VA at at enlistment; after serviced returned to Pittsylvania Co., then to Stokes Co., NC where married and lived several years. Then moved and was resident of TN for ~40 years, the last ten in Humphreys Co., TN. no
Charles McGee M804.1683 S.34979 b 1758; served 1778-1783; pension sent to Leonard Town, St. Mary's Co., MD; in 1820 had a wife age 60, without children no
William McGee (McGhee) M804.1683 S.34980 b bef 1751; enlisted 1778/9; William McGhee alias Wm. McGee; pension issued 1819 sent to Leonard Town, St. Mary's Co., MD; Also BLWt 1355 no
Neil McGee (McKee) M804.1683 W.22139 d. 1825; m 1794 Susannah b 1772; After Neil's death Susannah married James Ryan; Susannah was resident of Hancock Co. ME in 1844 no
David McGee M804.1683 R.6716 b 1760 Colrain, Hampshire Co., MA; Enlisted 1777; moved to New York in 1791 then Jackson Co., MI in 1833; brother Jonas McGee of Genessee Co., NY in 1839 no
New Hampshire
William McGee (Magee) M804.1683 S.41840 b 1750; enlisted Albany, NY 1777; in 1820 resided in Washington Co., OH with son Robert; wif Margaret Magee b 1760 d bef 1823; sons Robert Magee, William Magee, Jr.; land conveyed to William Magee Jr. in 1817; no
New Jersey
James McGee M804.1683 W.7427 d 1812, Enlisted at Gloucester Co., NJ; m. 1780 Mary Snyder b 1759 no
John Magee M804.1614 W.1045 while living in Middlesex Co. NJ, enlisted in 1778;; m 1791 Martha Craven in Middlesex Co who was born 1767; John d 1830; Martha allowed pension 1838 and lived in South Amboy, NJ until 1843; six children all living near South Amboy in 1840; eldest Ezekiel b 1792; Catharine b ~1797; other children not named; Reference made to Ezekiel Craven, brother to Martha; no
John McGee M804.1683 S.1230 b 1761 Middelsex Co., NJ; Resided in Middlesex Co at time fo enlistment, 1775; Kentucky pension 19397 issued 1835; of Fayette Co., KY no
Thomas McGee M804.1683 S.5752 b 1757, Cumberland Co., NJ; While residing ~45 mi from Philadelphia enlisted in 1776; after war moved from Cumberland Co., NJ to Monongalia Co., VA then to Preston Co., VA where allowed pension in 1833. no
William Magee M804.1614 BLWt 8580 Issued July 2, 1791 no
New York
John Magee M804.1614 W.18465 d 1844; m 1790 Rachel Walker at Schenectady NY; Rachel's brother: Benjamin Walker; John Magee's brother: Abraham Magee; In 1844 Rachel Magee lived in Otsego Co. NY; no
John Magie M804.1614 W.23924 m Sarah no
Peter Magee M804.1614 S.41804 BLWt 1395-200 Issued Mar 8, 1794; served from 1776 until 1883; no
Samuel Magee M804.1614 W.1302 BLWt 30,394; d 1850; m 1815 Elizabeth Tailney in Rhinbeck NY; Elizabeth applied for pension 1855 Seneca Co. NY; no
North Carolina
James Magee M804.1614 S.1555 b 1762 Sussex Co. VA; enlisted there in 1778; While living in Caswell Co. NC, enlisted in 1780 was married at that time but wife not mentioned; allowed pension in 1833 while living in Jefferson Co. TN; signed as Sr. without explanation. no
Martha McFarlane McGee Bell Guilford Courthouse Colonel John McGee came to North Carolina ~1750, died, Guilford Co., on Dec 13, 1773. Martha McFarlane (1735-1820) married Col. McGee ~1759. After Col. McGee's death, on May 6, 1779, she married William Bell. Martha McFarlane McGee Bell was a heroine of the American Revolution. Please visit Mrs. Martha Bell for more information on this remarkable woman. no
Thomas McGee M804.1683 R.6715 d 1822; m 1789 Amy Williams; Amy died 1845; names appear: Bettey McGee b 1790; Black hana b 1790; Blear McGee b 1791; Isaac Black b 1792; Hugh McGee b. 1793; Thomas McGee b. 1799; Lossury McGee b 1801; Daniel McGee b 180?; Joab b 1805; Robert b 1809; son Blair McGee resided in Gaston Co., NC applied 1858 for pension due his mother. no
Thomas McGee M804.1683 S.5071 b 1760 Orange Co., NC; raised in Anson Co., NC; resided in Montgomery Co., TN in 1832 no
William McGhee M804.1683 S.33068 b 1761/2 Louisa Co. VA; enlisted 1777/8 resided in Mecklenburg Co., NC; after war lived in Mecklenburg until age 45 then moved to TN then Christian Co., KY where resided 8 years then White Co., IL where resided 11 years then McLean Co. IL where allowed pension in 1833. no
Andrew McGee     no
Daniel McGee M804.1683 BLWt. 10081 Issued January 4, 1789. private in the Artillary no
Daniel McGee M804.1683 S.33389 b 1762 m Sarah b~1780; 1820 resident of Monmouth Co., NJ; dau Sarah Ann b 1811; enlisted Philadelphia 1777 no
James C. McGee M804.1683 S.31250 b 1760 Cumberland Co., PA; d 1839; moved in 1764 to Bedford Co., PA; Enlisted May 1777; moved to NC (which was later TN); then to Lee Co., VA, then to Anderson and Campbell Co. TN; in 1835 moved from Campbell CO., TN to Wayne Co., KY where pension executed; no
James McGee M804.1683 BLWt 1382 d ~1816 Lancaster Co., PA; son James McGee only heir; no
Robert McGee M804.1683 none of Philadelphia Co., PA; wounded 1777; pensioned 1797. no
Robert McGee M804.1683 BLWt 9954 issued 179?; Private Pennsylvania line; William Burgess, admr no
Patrick Magee J. Heiple Patrick Magee immigrated to America with his father sometime between 1742 and 1760. He served in the Revolutionary War under the command of Capt. Thomas Askey. Was a Ranger of the Frontier, served as a private. Sources: 1. Magee, John A., Sara E. Magee, and J. Audley Boak. History of the Magee Family. 2. Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 6, p. 408, 423, 429, 441 d ~1816 Lancaster Co., PA; son James McGee only heir; yes
Robert McGee M804.1683 none of Philadelphia Co., PA; wounded 1777; pensioned 1797. no
Robert McGee M804.1683 BLWt 9954 issued 179?; Private Pennsylvania line; William Burgess, admr no
Thomas McGee M804.1683 S.38202 Washington Co., VA, Thomas McGee Jr., son of Thomas McGee aplied for pension 1853. The deceased pension resided in Washington Co., VA for 40 years or more before his death. Thomas's children: Thomas McGee, Hanah McGee, John McGee, Mary McGee, Elizabeth McGee, Sally McGee, Edward McGee. no
Ensign William Magee Email - Maj. Gregory A. Wynn Ensign William Magee (1745-1777) was an original member of the officer corps of the Continental Army and served in the 5th PA Regiment. He was killed at the Battle of Paoli. At Paoli, he served in Joseph Potts' company --- many of whom were from Chester County. no
Archibald McGee BLWt 5366 m Nancy; Archibald McGee, Private from Virginia Soldiers of 1776 no
David S. McGee A.Smith b July 25, 1762 Sussex Co. VA. Son of David S. McGee and grandson of Ralph McGee. This David McGee served at Valley Forge with George Washington and is listed in the Daughters of the American Revolution Index as well as military lists, and received a military pension. David lived in North Carolina, moved to Tennessee, on to Tuscaloosa Co., Al in 1819 settling in the North River area. He had multiple wives, he died March 25, 1857 and is buried by three of them. He married Mary Cook March 23, 1793. He married Judith Mc Gee. He married Mrs. Margaret Finch Aug 1 1832 in Tuscaloosa, Al. Sixteen children are known. David's Father
Harmon McGee (Herman) M804.1683 S.7194 b 1760 Sussex VA; moved to Rockingham Co. VA in 1792; Moved to Guilford then Stokes Co. NC no
John McGee M804.1683 R.6717 b 1751 VA; m Esther Clendenon, 1794 Jefferson Co., TN; d 1820 Warren Co., TN; enlisted 1774 Botetourt Co., VA; YES
Ralph McGee (Magee) M804.1683 S.13894 b Sussex Co. VA 1755; Enlisted 1777 in Brunswick & Sussex Co VA; Living in Madison Co. KY in 1832 where he received pension; no family data given. YES
Samuel McGee M804.1683 S.31249 b 1750 New Kent Co., VA; d 1834; volunteered 1775; moved to TN for 4 years, then SC for 4 years; then to Woodford Co., KY where allowed pension in 1832. no
William McGehe M804.1683 S.32399 b 1755 New Kent Co., VA d 1836 Jackson Co. AL; enlisted at Pittsylvania Co., VA. widow's name is Direna. no

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