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Caldwell, 1273-1871

By Gustav Anjou (1863-1942)

Joseph Caldwell married, by license, July 3, 1691, Jane, daughter of Alexander McGhie, and is referred to in a disposition of his estate. -Marriage Licenses, 1681,p.40;Estate papers, M'Ghie,48:6.

The Magie family descend from one Michael Magge, who submitted to Edward III. in 1339, as appears from the Ragman roll, as is claimed, but there is no direct connection until we reach Malcolm M'Kie, of Cuslden, whose son Gilbert M'Gy was first Lord of Balmage, and had a charter, 1426 Reg.Mag.Sig.21 Jac.I. His wife, Mareota de Keth, is mentioned in 1459, Ib. He is referred to in an Exchequer roll of 1460, as of Kircudbrightshire, when the name is written Macge, M'Ke, M'Gy, McGhie. Nesbit.

William M'Gy succeeded his father, Gilbert, and had sasine to Slogarrie 1471. His son, Nicholas McGee, was heir to his father's land, and married Elizabeth Maxwell, Ib.14 Jac.V. A descendant of this family, Hugh Maxwell, emigrated to Ireland 1750, settling at Legoniel, Co. Antrim, near Belfast. [p.152] Transplanters Certificates,Inq.p.m.Antrim,etc. They had issue four children. William McGee a son, occurs in an Exch. roll of 1526/7, March 18, in Lord High Treasurer's accounts, 1527, etc. His son, Alexander Makgee, was served heir to his father, and had sasine 1553. Libri Responsionem.Kirc. Alexander, his eldest son, heir of his father, 1579, Ib., died before April 30, 1611, ae.76, when his eldest son Robert M'Ghie was served heir. Retours of Kirc. He died in 1615, and his children emigrated to Ireland: Alexander, who settled in Londonderry, and married in Templemore parish, Jane Milliken; Brian, who came to Londonderry, and was buried there in 1665. The eldest son Sir John M'Ghie, was served heir to his father 1615, was knighted by Charles II. Of his children, James McGhie, emigrated to Londonderry, and married, in Templemore, 1665, Mary O'Kannon, a carpenter by trade who had seven children. Alexander McGhie, the eldest son, was served heir to his father, and in 1666 his daughters, Elizabeth and Jane, had sasine of the lands of Arie. He married 2dly., 1669, Elizabeth Stewart.

Elizabeth and Jane were twins, born Oct 11, 1661. Alexander, a younger brother, married, 1690, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Lowry, and had a son, Thomas McGhie, born Aug.3,1700. In 1722, the whole family, including the brothers of Margaret, David and Lazarus Lowry, emigrated to Lancaster Co., Pa.., and Lazarus Lowry was witness to the will of Alexander McKee of Donigall, Co., Lancaster Gent., May 27, 1736. Robert M'Ghie, brother of Elizabeth, Jane, and Alexander, married Jane, daughter of Alexander Barclay and Margaret Millikin, sister of James Milliken, who had emigrated to Londonderry, Ireland, 1683, a resident then of Creggan. Robert M'Ghie and his family also resided at Creggan, Co., Derry, and Jane Barclay, wife of Robert, was fined for non-confirmity. She had a sister, Margaret who married Samuel Potts, one sister, Mary, married Robert Dunbar, and one sister, Sarah, married Matthew Wilson. Samuel Potts emigrated to Lancaster Co., Pa. with son Moses, and the latter married a daughter of James M'Ghie, son of Robert.

Robert M'Ghie's children emigrated to Lancaster Co., Pa, Jane, Elisabeth, Margaret, Alexander, Thomas who finally came to Paxtang, John, who came to Derry, Co. Lancaster, Mary, James, who married in 1734, Margaret, a daughter of Robert Finley, and emigrated to Derry, Co. Lancaster, Pa. (will 1759), and Robert McGhee. Alexander McGhee, of Creggan, Londonderry, married 1739, Mary daughter of John Andrews, and her sister, Sarah, married Samuel Bannatyne; William Andrews brother of Mary and Sarah, of Ballycarry, Co. Antrim, married at Garvaghy, Margaret, daughter of James Patterson of Burneconen, Co. Donegal. His mother was Anne, daughter of Matthew Corry. Her brother, James Patterson, eldest son of James Patterson and Anne Corry, married 1727, Isabella, daughter of Samuel Finley, who emigrated to Chester Co., PA and died in 1737, adimistration granted to his brother, Robert Finley, of West Nottingham, Pa. A brother of Robert Finley, Michael, had a son, Samuel, who was President of Princeton College, N.J. A daughter, Susanna, was mother of Samuel Finley Moree, the inventor. James Patterson, brother of Margaret, came to Rockbridge, Va.

William Andrews and Margaret Patterson, his wife, brother of Mary McGhie, had, with other issue, John Andrews, of Portlennon, Co. Antrim (whose son, Francis, emigrated to Fayette Co., Pa., buried in Middle Church cemetery), William Andrews, who married 1st. in 170(sic), Sarah, daughter of David McCoughry, and had a son, David Andrews, who emigrated to New Castle, Del., and Baltimore, Md. He married, 2dly., Nancy Knox, and had Frank, who emigrated to New Castle, Del., and afterwards to Westmoreland Co., Pa., finally settling in Ohio.

The father of Mary Andrews McGhie, wife of Alexander McGhie, John Andrews, married in 1706 Margaret, daughter of John Henderson, and brother of Robert Henderson, of Linlithgow, who married in Tordrigg, Co. Berwick, 1685, Jane Rogers. Their youngest son, Rev. Richard Henderson, of Blantyre parish, near Glasgow, married Janet Clelland, daughter of James Clelland, of Shotts parish, Lanark, and aunt of John Clelland, whos son, Robert married Agnes Hunter, and emigrated to Sunbury, Pa.

[p.156] Rev. Richard Henderson had, with other issue, Alexander Henderson, who emigrated to Virginia, Richard, who came to Annapolis, Md. and Blandensburg, Md.

John Andrew's wife, Margaret Henderson, was buried in Linlithgow, 1708, and he married 2dly., 1710, in Todrigg, Sarah, daughter of Alexander Witherspoon, a merchant of Glasgow and Frances, daughter of David Knox. Rev. James Witherspoon, a brother of Sarah, of Yester church, Linlithgow, married Anne Walker, and his son, Rev. John Witherspoon, was President of Princeton College, N.J.

John Andrew's father, John Andrews, a "cutler", married, 1661, Janet, daughter of Farquhar Kinney, and one of their descendants settled in Hanover, Morris Co., N.J.

Alexander McGhie, after his father's death in 1695, resided with his uncle, Robert Barclay, in Castlefinn, Co. Donegal, near Strabane, Co. Derry, merchant and [p.157] linen manufacturer, Barclay McGhie, son of Alexander Jr., and born June 8, 1742, in Castlefinne, Co. Donegal, emigrated to Lancaster Co., Pa., when a boy of 4 years, with his uncles and aunts, and settled in Derry and Donegal, Co. Lancaster.

Alexander McGhie, Sr., linen-manufacturer, late of Ballybogan, parish of Lifford, Co. Donegal, Castlefinne, Co. Donegal, and Strabane, Co. Tyrone, now of Ballymagary, Co. Antrim, Connor diocese, made his will, June 19, 1729 "...wife Elizabeth.. children by my former wife, Jane, vis. William of Creggan, Co. Derry, his wife Anne and their son John; Robert McGhie, his wife Jane, late of Creggan, Co. Derry, deceased and their children, Jane, Elizabeth, Margaret, Alexander, John, Mary and Robert, all in foreign parts; James McGhie, of Castlefinne, Co. Donegal and Thomas McGhie of Creggan, Co. Derry; Alexander McGhie, his wife Margaret, of Strabane, Co. Tyrone, and their son, Thomas; Elizabeth McGhie; Jane McGhie, married to Joseph Caldwell, [p.158] of Ballybogan, parish of Lifford, Co. Donegal, and their children, John Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane, George, Catherine, and Andrew, all in foreign parts..; brother Jas. McGhie, of Derry, and his children, Mary, Jane, John, Margaret, and Anne, each one to receive one shilling and no more..wife Elizabeth residuary legates for life, and after her death or marriage, whole estate, including tools, etc, to eldest son William McGhie, and his heirs.."

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Note bene: Please be aware that many of the works of Mr. Gustave Anjou have been discredited. See http://www.linkline.com/personal/xymox/fraud/fraud223.htm for more information. Many of the sources and details of Mr. Anjou's works are valid, but a number have been discovered to be without foundation. Please verify all purported facts and references before accepting them as valid.

Transcribed from FHL Microfilm #908834, Item 1

Title: Caldwell [family genealogical data], 1273-1871
Author: Anjou, Gustave, 1863-1942 (Main Author)
Microfilm made of typescript (192 leaves, carbon copy) acquired from Gustave Anjou, West New Brighton, New York.
Text partly in French.
History and genealogy, 1273-1871, of the Caldwell family in France, their immigration to England in 1563, and settling in Scotland by 1567. In France, the surname was spelled Calwel, Calvel, Caulwel, Colwell, etc. In Scotland and Ireland, the surname was chiefly spelled as Caldwell or Cauldwell, etc. The family immigrated from Scotland to Ulster, northern Ireland in the early 1600s. John Caldwell (1683-1750) married Margaret Phillips, and in 1727 they immigrated from northern Ireland to New Castle, Delaware. They settled in Paxtan Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and later moved to Brunswick (later Lunenberg) County, Virginia. Descendants and relatives lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and elsewhere. Most of this genealogical data is about the family in France, Scotland and Ireland. This includes genealogical data about a Colvill family that immigrated in the 1300s to Scotland, and later spelled the name Caldwell.
Includes Andrews, Bloedel, Borquin, Dudgeon, Holmes (Homes), McGhie (M'Ghie), McIlvanie, Ritchey (Ritchie), Wilson and related families.

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